New Ordering Policy

Posted by Carrie Husband on

New Ordering Policy - Effective IMMEDIATELY
📌What is it? -There will now be a LIMIT on the amount of custom orders I take

📌How it will work?-All tumbler listings on the website will now be shown as “SOLD OUT” for the time being this will serve primarily as a product gallery. -On the FRONT PAGE of my website there will be a listing titled “ORDER HERE” and will function like the rest of my website •Drop down menu for size •Text box for customization -this will be so I can control the amount of custom tumbler orders I accept.

📌For now there will NOT be a limit on pens and they will continue to run normally.

📌RTS items will still be available.

📌If I finish all allotted custom tumbler orders I will RE-OPEN the listing to take in more orders!

📌I anticipate FULLY re-opening the website in May. 

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